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  • Hi. I'm Cal.

  • I have 5 years experience on Wall Street, working with venture capital firms and analyzing hundreds of budgets

  • I am a self-funded, small-business entrepreneur and manage 50 employees

  • I was appointed by Draper's City Council to serve on a local board protecting Draper taxpayers

  • I met my wife at Brigham Young University. She is a practicing attorney. We are expecting a baby boy this August

  • Platform Summary

  • I will vote to keep your taxes low

  • I will protect our open spaces and oppose "out-of-control" high density housing

  • I will be an independent voice on the council - I am not accepting any donations from developers


Hi. I'm Cal Roberts and I'm running for Draper City Council because I'm invested in the future of Draper.

After graduating from Brigham Young University, I started my career on Wall Street where I worked with large companies and venture capital firms. I reviewed hundreds of budgets looking for ways to cut waste. I also learned what makes a business grow.

Five years later, my wife and I decided to move back to Utah - she would continue her legal career and I would run my own business. We chose Draper as our home and bought our first house. We love it here - the trails, the parks, the open space and the proximity to Salt Lake City.

I chose to build my small business in Draper. I own and operate five fitness studios and quick service restaurants (I even have a location on 123rd!). I employ over 50 people. If Wall Street taught me how to analyze budgets, working as a small-business entrepreneur taught me how to manage money and people when it really matters.

Recently, I was appointed by Draper's City Council to serve on a local board entrusted with protecting taxpayers' hard earned tax dollars. I have enjoyed actively caring for the public good, even in this small way.

This is how I see it: We have unique opportunities to position Draper as the preeminent place to live, recreate and do business over the next 25 years. But Draper's way of life is threatened by looming tax increases, congested roads and out-of-control development. We need the right leadership in place.

My wife is expecting our first baby this August. I am invested in Draper's future.

With your support I believe we can preserve our Draper.

Thanks, Cal

The Issues

Open space and development:

I will protect our open space, oppose out-of-control high density housing and support measured re-zoning requests that appropriately balance the common good, property rights and the law.

Open space: Our open space is the envy of Salt Lake County. Past city councils and residents had the courage and foresight to protect our beautiful land. But we still face threats. I will be a strong advocate to preserve Draper's small-town feeling. There are a few ways we can preserve more open space. First, focus on development dedications. This means working with developers and landowners to permanently set aside land as part of any development agreement. This will help us conserve the most valuable open spaces we have and improve recreational opportunities. Second, focus on conservation easements and trail easements. These approaches involve private landowners willingly restricting their land or providing public trail access for the common good.

Development: If elected, I promise to emphasize preserving Draper's small town feel. Utah is growing and will continue to grow. But this does not mean that we have to sacrifice our small town feel and community. I am committed to wise development. When proposed zone changes arise, my approach will be straightforward and simple: Does the proposed land use preserve the feel of the neighborhood or does it negatively shift the character of the community? Why is the existing zoning not adequate for the property owner's needs? Does the proposed land-use fit with our general plan? How will it impact our infrastructure and traffic? What are the legal implications? The answers to these questions will guide my decision making process.


I am a fiscal conservative and will vote to keep our taxes low. The current City Council is discussing the need to raise our property taxes because of the growing imbalance between sales tax revenues and property tax revenues. Recently, Draper City has relied on robust commercial growth to keep property taxes artificially low. This strategy has worked, but it has come at a cost. Congested roads. Burdens on our infrastructure. Further crowding. Meanwhile, with the city's growth, our city budget has swelled. It's a vicious cycle: grow to build your tax base, which only leads to a larger city budget and therefore the need for further growth in order to build our tax base even more. Now it has caught up to us. Sales tax revenues are slowing as a proportion of total tax revenue, in part caused by consumer preferences shifting away from buying products and goods to buying more services. Services are largely exempt from sales tax. On top of this, because Draper is almost fully built out we will not be able to rely on fees from robust development. I oppose new taxes and instead will focus on cutting the budget, eliminating pet-projects, attracting money from the county and state and wisely promoting businesses that will contribute to our tax base. You worked hard for your money. I'll work hard to protect it.

Independent voice:

We need independent voices on the council. This is why I will not accept any donations from developers. I don't want there to be any questions about where my commitment lies: with Draper residents and the common good.